From home to home (Hitchhiking Europe, Spain to Bulgaria)

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From the cabin of a truck the kilometers unhurriedly pass by. Hitchhiking Europe feels like wandering around one’s own yard.  And with the familiar football chat going on between puffs of smoke at the front of the cabin, I sink … Read More

Hitchhiking in India – the (even more) practical side of things – Part 2

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Hitchhiking is much more than hopping on and off stranger’s cars, it is often a game of roads and hard-shoulders, camping spots, roadside showers and food or water hunting. The road is a labyrinth filled with tasks and trials, where the … Read More

Hitchhiking in India – the practical side of things (part 1)

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We must confess a well-known secret: even the most seasoned hitchhikers, when reaching India, often jump on a train. Maybe because the general class wagon is a whole travelling universe, or because railways criss-cross the country, or maybe because transport … Read More

vegetarian. hitchhikers. inventory

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“Vegetarian hitchhikers stock” or “inventory of edible contents in our travel backpacks upon arrival home (according to photograph attached). Items classified by country of purchase (not of actual origin) following no particular order. 24th December 2015.” From India Rosehip and … Read More

Going home – 10.000 km transit

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Our friends from Bhopal had invited us for a family lunch in a fancy club. The place was classy and the food exquisite. A rich buffet offered anything one could have dreamt of. Indian food from South to North, Chinese, Italian … Read More

Getting visas for a long travel (a very practical post)

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Visas can be one of a traveller’s worse nightmares. Bureaucratic labyrinths, restricted borders or changing regulations are just some of the obstacles that one may find along the way. But if you are reading this post it is probably because … Read More

Maheshwar, a slice of Varanasi by the shores of Narmada (India)

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Maheshwar looks like a slice of Varanasi – I tell Boris when we reach the ghats. Varanasi (or Benares) is one of that impressive destinations that makes some travellers want to rush away while it gets others trapped for days … Read More

Walking barefoot – travels and encounters in Yangon (Myanmar)

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Heavy, as if the light had a mass, the sun rays beat the facades of the buildings in downtown Yangon and promise to crumble the architectural legacy of colonial times. Hundreds of 19th century structures sprinkled with mould, with trees … Read More

Hippies in Goa (tales from off-season Arambol)

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While Josephine focuses on braiding a coat of hemp rope over a stone, Andreas stretches his legs on the deck chair. Psychedelic music plays atypically quiet from a speaker in the background and, in a way that resembles more a … Read More

The embroidered stall of my Banjara crafts lady.

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She is eighty-something. But she winks like a little girl of five that wants to have you on her side. She is over eighty and sits on the floor with her stall of banjara crafts, sharing with all the tourists … Read More

6 travelling craft makers we love

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You have seen them sitting by a window in that cute coffee shop where you have your cappuccino in the afternoons. You have seen them work incessantly while they casually chat, or maybe sit silently at the end of a noisy group … Read More

Guests in Madhya Pradesh. From Bhopal to Pachmarhi.

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We arrive to Bhopal in a dire state. Boris has lost more than seven kilos in a week, and we have not slept much in between doctors, nurses, a cat that tries to play with the ivy tubes, and a scandalous … Read More

Hitchhiking winter (some useful tips)

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The moment we drop the heavy backpacks on the hard shoulder and look straight into the road, a frozen rush of wind blows my woolen hat away. I pick it up muddy from the wet asphalt. It’s always colder out here … Read More

EU Pet passport. How to bring a dog or cat to Europe (from India even!)

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Cats and dogs need passports to cross borders. Just like you and me and everybody else, there is no discrimination in this matter for travellers who walk on four legs. And just like with any other travellers’ visas, the requirements, … Read More

One year travelling with a cat. Happy birthday, Burma!!

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We were probably hitchhiking our way through zigzagging roads to Mae Sot, while Burma was being born in a suburb of Yangon. She had no name yet. And little did we know that in just a few days we would … Read More

Winter is coming (the end of a journey)

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It was not from the lips of Ned Stark that we heard the infamous sentence for the first time. We were years away from watching series in the evenings and doubt that our messenger had ever heard of Game of … Read More

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