The first travel

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We sat in the middle and looked at the river, with nobody to say “sir, that is forbidden”

The first travel of these little creatures was to Plovdiv. Many were to follow. The roads took them to the mountains, small towns, forests and surprising landscapes hidden behind petrol stations. Many times they got exhauset, soaked, hungry and even angry with themselves for having missed a stream of water.

And after months and months of discomfort, they found a second home, a place to cover their bruised shells, a place to rest and restore. They ate plastic food, walked only on asphalt, watched landscapes on a screen like this one and dreamt and dreamt of the past they had seen and the one that is to come.

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Boris, Marta and Burma roam the world at a speed of a snail. Two humans and one cat that found their way to India overland.

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  1. Aswathy from India
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    Hi Boris & Marta,
    This blog is very inspirational to a travel lover like me.
    Let me ask you one thing, how you managed to find money to have such a long travel?

    Thanks & Regards
    Mrs Aswathy Sreekumar
    Trivandrum, Kerala, India

    • Roving Snails
      | Reply

      Hello Mr Aswathy,
      Thanks for writing! For our first little travel to Plovdiv we did not need much, that’s a town not far from Sofia, were we lived. But for the long travel to India, we simply worked and saved (by walking and cycling to work, shopping in local markets and spending most weekends in the mountains, where food can be found around and there is to temptation to consume all the time). There is no other secret, money does not grow on trees for anyone :) All the best!

  2. suresh
    | Reply

    very intresting bro.
    have a good time
    god bless you bro,
    enjoy fun happyness these things only humanlife
    life is short make it sweet..

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