The limits of Sofia – Beyond Lyulyn (Bulgaria)

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Almost unnoticeably the summer stepped back and made way for the reign of a colourful autumn, warm in temperatures and in human hearts. Anchored for some time in the suburbs of Sofia, well aware of the size of the city labyrinth, we knew that no snail could handle it without a bike. Readily available, two bycicles were calmly expecting us at Jenski Pazar. Probably they lack the efficiency, quality and resistance of others of their kind, but have an added sort of courage that does not make them afraid of jumping out of the city with their wobbly wheels. They are also quite pretty (at least one of them) and we were guaranteed they had not been stolen (at least in this country).

But enough of bikes!

What brought us to the margines of the city was the curiosity to figure out what one can find beyond the limits of Sofia, in the blurry zone between the blocks and the villages and in between the city and its warding mountains, where the dogs are wilder and so are the forest fruits.

Looking back from Ivanyane
Looking back from Ivanyane
Ivanyane. There is always a good tree to sit under.
Ivanyane. There is always a good tree to sit under.
Ivanyane. Something has been eating sheep over here
Ivanyane. Traces of the elusive sheep monster.
From the limits of Sofia: (sub)urban harvesting
Back at home…from the limits of Sofia: (sub)urban harvest
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