Travellers workshops (introduction)

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This is a travelling project, a series of workshops for anybody interested in exploring our knowledge, our surroundings, our imagination. For young people, kids and any other natural explorers.


Because we are on the road and want to dig deeper into the lives of people we meet. So drawing from experience and with an open mind, we have come up with some ideas to learn, share and imagine with you.

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Anybody interested. We enjoy working with groups of young people or kids, but would give a try to playing with any body else too.

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WHAT DO WE DO? We work in small groups, and set as a team to explore any place we would like to visit. The aim is to trigger interests, learning and imagination by working together. We will introduce the most creative side of ourselves, explore the neighbourhood and make up games that may involve real or unknown creatures, take us to unconventional treasure hunts or adventure storytelling, make us fly off to imaginary lands or plan a real travel (to the next town or the next planet).

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With interactive games, creative activities and a lot of movement.

By talking, by means of words, drawings or signs, just the way the traveller needs to find out his way on the road.

By sharing our knowledge. By building a story. By playing.

By working, gluing, fixing, building or making up together.

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– People eager to travel with us.

– Any space, large or small, in or outdoors, with or without tables, but cozy to work.

– Room to safely explore around.

– Some internet connection nearby would be very most welcome.

– Some materials if possible (scissors, glue, paper, crayons and some recycled stuff) – we will send you a detailed list depending on the group.



We run this project for free, as part of our travel, but would be happy to get accommodation (for two) and some materials (for the group)

NOTE: The workshop is led in English and can be a good is a great language practice experience, since all participants are encourage to contribute, speak and participate. All language levels are welcome.

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If you are interested in hosting a Travellers Workshop, or want to know more, please drop us a line ([email protected]) or fill in this form:

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