# The Art of Thumb – hitchhiking signs competition

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The Art of Thumb

Hitchhiking signs are not our strongest point. Spare a few unrelated occasions, we prefer to stand around with thumbs up and go where the traffic takes us (most of the times if that coincides with the direction of our intended destination). But we love cardboard and pens anyway and would like to praise the roadside creativity of hitchhikers.The idea started with a photo in hitchgathering’s group, where a hitchhiker’s sign reads “Will wash your car“. His proactive approach made us smile and we thought of making a call for your best signs, the ones that took your further, or those that did not work at all. We want to see and share the best of hitchhiking. So here goes the game:

1. You post a photo of your hitchhiking sign in Roving Snails facebook page or twitter with the hashtag #TheArtOfThumb

2. We share it in facebook with links to your profile

3. We let people vote and like 

4. By 31.10 we choose the 5 winning photos and post them in our blog and social media. The categories are:

  • Beautiful sign
  • Creative hitchhiking
  • Simplicity rules!
  • What everybody loves (public vote via Facebook and Twitter)
  • “It’s the taking part that matters ” (Glory to the old Olympic principles. Send us your worst signs too!)

5. “And what do I win?” You win admiration and thumbs up and maybe some followers if you care…But you also win a pay-it-forward gift (!?) A little handmade present from Laos that we will send on your behalf to anybody of your choice. A surprise for that driver that you forgot to write, for a friend you miss, for a random stranger…you choose! We will only need the person’s name and postal address.

Deadline: Friday, 31st of October, 12 a.m. (Lao’s Time)

And remember the hashtag!  –>   #TheArtOfThumb

**Note: the jury is comprised of the unbiased and professional hitchhikers Boris and Marta. You can try buying them a Lao beer to gain points, but it probably won’t help. They are incorruptible! :)

And here they are –> the best hitchhiking signs!

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9 Responses

  1. Hitch-Hikers Handbook
    | Reply

    Great game! We’re in! :)

  2. maxneumegen
    | Reply

    Yes nice idea
    But I may need to recreat some of mine as it was a long time ago.
    Like “please”. “Thank you”
    Mostly I just used my pack that had a big. “NZ” in white on it.
    And hitch hiking with a bicycle.
    “An ultimate way of travel”

    “The hitch hiker is there to give you the opportunity to do your good deed for the day”, max

  3. Kristin Alexandra
    | Reply

    I love this idea. I’ll definitely be following the tag! I usually hitchhike sans signage, but I might change my strategy just to join in.

    • rovingsnails
      | Reply

      We usually do the same, but seeing some of the signs we are receiving are starting to re-consider the strategy too. Join in! :)

  4. WorldWide HitchhHiker
    | Reply

    What a great competition and method of putting hitchhikers in contact! This is awesome!
    I will look through my signs and submit one(or more- can I? :D) in the contest.
    I prefer hh with a sign usually.
    Last weekend when I was hh-ing with 2 friends because the drivers were not paying attention to us one was holding the sign and the other 2 of us started juggling. It really worked out for us 😀
    I’ll keep an eye on the hashtag
    All the best,

    • rovingsnails
      | Reply

      Hey Bogdan! What a nice idea! We juggled out of boredom once, but nobody stopped for hours in the lonely roads of the Kazakh steppe (but we are pretty bad jugglers anyway). Yes, send us one-two-three photos if you like. Happy travels!

  5. Hitch-Hikers Handbook
    | Reply

    Hey guys! How is it going? Can’t wait to see the winners :) I know you probably don’t have a good internet connection or you’ve got other more interesting things to do, but just wanted to see how things were going 😉

    • rovingsnails
      | Reply

      Tomorrow, tomorrow will be ready! Just got back from some hitchhiking and camping and no plugs and little wifi :) Thanks for your patience! Hehe!

  6. rovingsnails
    | Reply

    The jury announced its veredict :) Check in this post all the amazing hitchhiking boards we received and who are the 5 lucky winners of “a gift for someone else” –> http://rovingsnails.com/2014/11/11/the-best-hitchhiking-signs/

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