DIY Travels – Postcards from Neverland

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>> This post includes a little visual guide to drawing your own postcards. You can freely jump the content and scroll down if you are in a rush to make some crafts.

Pai was a place to rest. A tent set among a caravans camp, a little den in between other overland travellers, in between stories of borders and visas and diaries waiting to be written and too many photographs and too many memories of the long way from Europe to Thailand. Pai was part of our Lao visa-run excuse, a stop on an imaginary route around the north of the country that never came true. We camped for nine or ten or twelve days (who knows!) under the sun and rain, the background music from a reggae bar setting the rhythm of the days.

Happy travels

Pai was tropical rain inside the tent, and mould in our shoes. It was new flowers every morning, red hungry ants biting all day long and clouds of mosquitoes at night. It was life growing in all directions. It was handmade lanterns from banana trees, floating down the river like lightened wishes, offers to the spirit of the waters.

grow copy

In Pai we walk without camera, from the tent to the market, across the river and back. Counting the steps to the spring rolls place, looking for the nearest plug or for the best mango juice. In Pai we do not care what is to be seen or to be photographed, we forget to look at daily life through our 50 mm lens. In Pai we collect memories of new constellations drawn by fading lanterns, of faces we fail to recognize, of a dog that is a fox but does not know about it. A bamboo bridge flies away with the storm only to come back to work the next morning. Alborosie in a loop from morning to night.


Paper, scissors, paint. Look for something to draw. The straw house will do. Don’t think it too much, just doodle it up. Let the hours pass in between water colours.

green village copy

And nevermind the rain. The perfect excuse to steal some time from the wheel of time. The perfect reason to forget the travel. To go back to ourselves and to what we like. Sweet watermelon. Bake camping pizza before the storm comes back. Read books till your eyelids fall under the fading light of a broken lamp.

Never mind the rain copy

Sometimes we wish we could dream of travelling again. To wish for new aromas and flavours and homes. We want to draw the sea while we are in the jungle, we want to imagine what may come, to make up adventures. Sometimes we dream of a couch and a kitchen, to plan the travel with time. We are in Pai and we are not, we swing in a hammack by the beach, we climb mountains, we go back to Tibetan lands, we pick herbs and find fairies in between the mushrooms of our imaginary lands. We sail the sunset in hot-air balloons from inside the damp ceiling of a canvas home.

Sailing seas copy


>> DIY Handmade postcards – A simple (and obvious) guide to making your own cards. Enjoy!


  • Paper (watercolour paper better)
  • Paint (watercolour or gouache is what I used. But any paint is good to start experimenting)
  • Brushes (a medium/large round brush for the background is good. To add details you can use a thin brush too)
  • Pen or marker


Draw your postcards copy

Note to travellers: The little caravans camp in Pai (Thailand) was simply a small green piece of empty land next to the Roots bar, by the river. A brilliant place to camp if you pass by. We were lucky to meet Julien and his Globetrotter van Baltazar who recognized from Iran, Benni and Verena (On-a-journey) and Andreas and Josephine (b0nsai) to help us remember that home is always wherever you are. 

This post is part of the series DIY Travels, where we share ideas, things and recipes we make on the road that you can make too. Because travel is not always and not only about consuming, and because making stuff makes us feel at home wherever we go. Check this section for other DIY ideas.

Update! If you really want to send a handmade postcard to a friend, but you are not a crafty one, or too lazy or too busy…you can now get one from us online :) Read this post about how we got to setll what we make, or go straight to out tiny shop. If you are new to etsy, you can actually even send one for free! –> 

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