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One Postcard – One Day of Travel is our latest invention to financing the long way to India.

It started with doodling little cards during rainy days it Thailand, that became the first post in a DIY Travels series that we have always wanted to write. The story followed with making a tiny street stall, and Boris and Marta fighting their fear of “business” for the sake of getting one day closer to India with every donation. Inspired by Laura Lazzarino and other friends, who asked where they could get them too, we have now decided to open a virtual store where those who are too lazy to mess around with paint by themselves, or so nice that want to help us travel, can also get theirs.

One postcard street stall

A postcard for someone else

Our idea is that you buy a handmade postcard for someone you always you promised to and forgot, or someone you love, or you miss or simply always wanted to write and we will take care of everything (the drawing, the posting and even the writing!). With your order, you can include a message to the receiver, and we will write it in the card with our best calligraphy (we promise to let Marta take care of that!)

*** If you want some for yourself, that’s also ok, send yourself some love.

One day on the road

The cost of a postcard is 3 Euros + sending costs. And, in case you have just come to our blog, this amount is our daily travel budget per person. So with every postcard, we are one day nearer to fulfilling our mission of getting to India overland.

We calculate we have 120 days to go.

I want to send one. How can I order it?

You can order them directly at our Roving Stall or through our Etsy store.

1. You can choose any of the 5 models

2.When you place the order please include the reciver’s name and address and the message you want us to write

All cards are all hand-drawn on watercolour paper with watercolours, gouache and black ink pen. And they are approximately A5 size, and will be posted inside envelopes to make sure they arrive alright. But note that we cut, colour and draw every one individually, so the details will vary according to our will and mood (we are not machines!), but the selected design will remain.

Otherwise you can write us an email

Indicating the address of the destinatary and message in the postcard

And send your donation via paypal.

[email protected]

When will they be sent?

They are made to order, and would be sent aproximately one-two weeks after purchase.Posting is from South East Asia, so it may take 10 -15 days for them to arrive to Europe.


If you have any troubles with the purchase, if you want so many postcards that the system got blocked, or maybe you want to send someone some love but really can’t afford 3 Euros right now, and if you want to send us happy travel greetings or have any questions, please write us to [email protected].

We are slow with emails, but promise to respond.

Thank you, gracias, благодаря, miau!

It’s a new experiment for us to finance our travels (or anything!) with crafts, and all the comments from friends and readers have been truly encouraging. We thank you all for your support in this little project and for your company throughout the last 14 months along this long long way! Happy (real or imaginary) travels!

Just in case you missed the link HERE you can send your handmade postcard!

If you do not wish to sign up for Etsy, write us an email, we will tell you how to send a postcard and gift us one day of travel :)

One postcard One day of travel

And, by the way, Etsy gives a 5 Euros gift to newcomers. Which means you can actually send a handmade postcard for FREE! Just follow the link–>

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