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Can we bake a pizza without oven? This is what we asked ourselves when our Tibetan friend in Yushu said he wanted to make pizzas in his little restaurant, but the nearest thing to an oven he could find in town was a microwave. After some research and a few days experimenting we ended up with quite a simple and tasty ovenless pizza recipe. Some months later, while camping in Thailand, we thought that if a Chinese pan could do the work, we should also be able to bake pizza in our camping stove. Didn’t you know already that your stove is one of the best tools in your backpack? Well, you will probably not be able to compete with a proper Italian pizza chef but, when in the middle of the desert, of the jungle or the steppe, you wish you could enjoy a homemade pizza, remember, everything is possible with a bit of imagination. Here is our ovenless pizza recipe for camping stove. Tested!

1. Utensils needed

– A stove (of course) – we have a very basic trangia alcohol one. And if it can be cooked with alcohol, which is not the most powerful fuel, we are confident it can be cooked in anything from a simple camping gas, to your super-fancy multifuel, or the penny stove you can make by yourself.

– A stove 

– Cooking pot

– Cooking pan / top of cooking pot. In short, something a bit flat.

– Box / second pot

– Clean cloth

– Knife

Pizza Utensils

2. Pizza dough

Ingredients for the pizza dough

2 1/2 cups of wheat flour (anything you can find in the nearest local market)

1 cup of warm water (warm, not hot. Let it rest after boiling)

1 spoon of dry yeast (can be substituted with baking soda, but with not so good results)

1 spoon of salt

1/2 spoon of sugar

1 spoon of oil or margarine (or even butter if you are not vegan)

3 Dough ingredients

Pizza dough preparation

1. Mix all ingredients in your camping pot or Tupperware

2. Knead till soft but not too sticky (add extra water or flour if needed). A trick is to mix initially 2 cups of flour, and add gradually the extra 1/2 cup while kneading.

3. Cover with a clean cloth and with all the warm clothes you can find. Let it rest in the warmest place around, for one hour, to make it grow.

4 Dough

3. Pizza filling 

Ingredients for your pizza filling

Any vegetables you can get hold of. Tomatoes are specially important, although not essential. We have even made pizza with garlic paste, mushrooms and spinach. So whatever you can find in the local shop or market, and remember to add some herbs (black pepper, oregano or basil are great).

1 Ingredients

Pizza mix preparation

1. Cut all vegetables in slices (quite thin, so they cook fast, and you save fuel)

2. Stir fry the ingredients, which you can do, either separately (i.e. stir fry the onions and store in a box, stir fry the peppers and store separately, stir fry the tomatoes, etc.) or together, making some sort of chunky sauce. Both options work well, but we somehow prefer the first one.

2 Pizza filling

4. Put the pizza together!

1. Take a small handful of dough, spread as evenly as possible however you can. Try to make it thin. Tip: you can spread just with hands or, also, using the top of your Tupperware as board and a beer-can as rolling-pin is a good trick.

2. Spread a little bit of oil or butter on your camping pan and put the dough in, making a circular shape if possible.

3. Cook for a little while and turn.

4. Add all the vegetables on top and let it cook together (so everything warms up).

5. Repeat all previous steps as many times as you have ingredients for.

Tip: you can spread on the base a bit of tomato puree, or a mix of garlic paste and olive oil to add flavour.

Optional for non-vegans: to add cheese, cut in tiny tiny pieces, add on top and cover to make it melt.

5 Pizza

5. You are now a camping pizza chef!

It may take a few times to get the dough and cooking times right. Everything depends on the temperature, humidity and your kind of stove. Let us know if you try this camping recipe, if it works and if it can be improved in any way (sure it can).

DIY Pizza for camping stove

This post is part of the series DIY Travels, where we share ideas, things and recipes we make on the road that you can make too. Because travel is not always and not only about consuming, and because making stuff makes us feel at home wherever we go. Check this section for other DIY ideas.

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    That sounds great and I’m very happy it works! We are definitely going to try it ourselves as we have the same stove so we’ll give it a go!

    • rovingsnails
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      Hey guys! We are very happy with the alcohol stove. It’s maybe a bit slower than others, but smells nice, burns well, is eco-friendlier and bakes pizza. What else could we ask for? Enjoy your camping cooking!

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