To Magic Places (a book written by the roadside)

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To Magic Places is our first book of tales, of real, surreal and imaginary travel stories. It is our tribute to the uncertain nature of hitchhiking, our comittment to following random signs and taking wrong turns. As you probably may suppose, it is also a book about magic places shaped by the unbound imagination of the impersonal cosmos.
TMP_BOOK MOKUP copy To Magic Places is an experiment: the project of three hitchhikers (two humans and one cat) that wish to check if its possible to fund their journeys with pens and paper.
– You can download it in PDF
– Only on a donation basis
…and support our way back home.

Real, Surreal and Imaginary Travel Stories

What this book contains

This is a book of hitchhiking encounters, of magic places that materialize behind a curve or at the end of a rough path, of landscapes visited under the compelling command of the pointing finger or drawn on maps of dust by the wheels of strangers . It is as well a book of fairytales, or travel-tales, perhaps, imaginary stories that we invented under the stars…

It is a book born by the roadside, within the movement of the travel, in between cups of tea and random meetings, and it grew, story by story and tale by tale while being written.

What this book is not…

It is not a guide-book, and does not intend to be one.

It is not even a travel narrative, but rather a compilation of the pieces of a journey-puzzle, gathered on the move.

It is not a book only for travellers , but yet may inspire some of you to hit the road.

Sikkim Pelling Book Boris Anmul_small

With maps and Illustrations

The maps in this book are all hand drawn, and in most of them south lays where are you are used to read north. They do not designate coordinates, nor can they compete with google maps or any of your apps. If you follow them, even if carefully enough, they may take you somewhere else, anywhere they will. Such is the nature of a magic travel, that it takes on its own turns, no matter how much efforts one makes to follow the voice of the GPS.

We like following handmade maps, even when people draw the east on the west, or when kilometers expand and shrink at the cartographer’s will. We follow their signs drawn on sand or on the air and, if you wish, you may follow the directions that this book tells. But it would be better, if you decide to draw your journey and make up your own maps to magic places or to wherever your path leads.

Sikkim Pelling Book map_small

Written by the roadside

We drafted this book in Thailand, under the sound of raindrops and falling coconuts. We dreamt it by the dry roadsides of sunny Myanmar, and gave it a name on one of the many evenings that we camped under the serene gaze of Buddha. The proper writing started in India, on the curves of the Manipuri jungles, in the soft hills of Tripura. By the time we reached Meghalaya, we rented a room to rest and write, and overlooking Bangladesh we stayed for two weeks in one single place, writing in between furious storms, visiting neighbours and many cups of tea.

And then when one day we got kicked away like dogs, with very little cash and not knowing well where to go, two good friends came to our rescue and like flying unicorns led us all the way to the mountains of Sikkim. Finally, in the village of Naku, in the yellow room of a blue wooden house, with windows all looking to the mighty Kanchenjunga, we caught up with ourselves and wrote stories, while Burma shifted in between purring creatively on someone’s lap, hunting chicken and aiming for the keyboard…more than once what was a story in English transformed magically into cat-speak, which often reads wise and inspirational thoughts like:

“miiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooo ????? ))))))) sbamhsfba jhafh jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj gggg mmmm”

(if your phone has a “сatslator” we would love to know what she tries to say)

The finishing touches, the details, the cover, corrections, and all of that which makes the book alive, were done in Madya Pradesh, while chilling and enjoying life in the company of some of our kindest Indian friends.

Marta drawing book ilustrations at Mandu archeological site_Madya Pradesh_India

Download from our Roving Stall

Suggested Donation: 3,30 Euros

This book can been downloaded on a donation basis only. We travelled all the way to India in a simple way, on a tiny budget of 3.30 euros each per day (for Boris, for Marta and since 7 months back, for Burma as well.)

Two years ago we thought that the road would teach us how to sustain the journey on our own. Every time our travel budget reached a minimum we scratched our heads and looked for a temporary way to get a bit further…and so, slowly slowly we made it to India. And this small book is a new experiment, our attempt to making our way back to Bulgaria with letters and drawings from our travel diaries. Every book you download means for us a step further, one more day on the road and, right now, a way to get back home.

The donation principle has always worked well for us, and we trust that our kind readers will appreciate the work we’ve done. We really thank you in advance for your fair contribution.

Why is it in PDF? Can I read it in any e-reader? What if I don’t have one?

After loads of trials and errors we got stuck in the error side of things, and unable to make text and pictures fit nicely for all e-reader types, but eager to release the book, decided to upload it in PDF, so everyone can read it.

You can all read it in your kindle, or any other device, ipad or laptop, even in your mobile phone.

Is there a paper version of it?

Only for sale by the seaside in Goa, a handmade edition. At the moment we cannot consider sending books by post, since we are continuously on the move. If we later on decide to start mailing books, no worries, you will be the first ones to know!

How can I get “To Magic Places”?

Just follow the button to the PDF version, or visit our roving stall, and download your copy.

Download Book in PDF
If you have any questions or issues, please let us know by email: [email protected]
Now that the little book is ready we shalll....go to sleep!
Now that the little book is ready we shalll….go to sleep!

We never walk alone…

If you have not notice yet, we will tell it out loud, THIS E-BOOK IS WRITTEN WITH LOVE, from our friends, old and newly found, our families, each of the people who travel with us, virtually or in real life, all of those who drive us across landscapes, and our roadside families, who take us home. No travel would have been possible without them, no travel would have been worth it.

But on the practical side of matters, we have also been well accompanied, and thanks to the following people we got the book beautified. Kieran and Natasha, Katie, Andrew, Ivan, Lucía, Miryam.

And only those who pass by our roving stall by the Indian seaside will get to see the upcoming printed and handmade version book, for which we have counted with the ever-present support of Boris’ grandpa.

Thank you all!

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Boris, Marta and Burma roam the world at a speed of a snail. Two humans and one cat that found their way to India overland.

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