Fears on the road (and our hitchhiking remedies)

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Some weeks ago somebody posted in a travellers group a simple question to hitchhikers: “What are you afraid of?” To our surprise most of the answers walked along the lines of “no fear”, “trust yourself and ride on” or “if you … Read More

Manipur, the road less travelled (or the beginning of our adventures in India)

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We had come a long way. 511 suns had witnessed the steps of our stubborn resolve to reach India by land. And we were finally there – at the imaginary destination of our personal caravan. We had reached it via … Read More

#VeoVeo: Some of our travel friends have tails

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Some of our travel friends have paws, whiskers or snouts. Some have pointy ears, some humps, some tails. They will never read these words. Or send us a letter or use a phone. They do not speak English, Hindi, Chinese … Read More

Hitchhiking with hijab (Iran)

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If anybody looks through some photos of this travel it will be automatically obvious to her that I love scarves. The one item that will never be missing from my backpack is a piece of fabric to be wrapped, hanged, … Read More

Top 10 Asia – things we would not miss.

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In three days time we will celebrate twenty months on the road, on a journey across Asia without a date of return (yet). And feeling overly empowered by the experience, we have decided to enrich the popular section of “top … Read More

How to cross Asia overland (Hitchhiking the longest way to India)

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It’s a common travellers dream to imagine a way to India overland, following the fading steps of ancient roads, of the Silk Route merchants, the hippy trail, or simply searching for the shortest route across Asia, willing to enjoy a … Read More

The palace under the rock (Bayin Nyi Cave – Myanmar)

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Nobody really knows how we got there, how many turns we took, how many miles we drove until reaching the path guarded by the golden dragons. It must have been sometime in between dusk and sunset, in that queer few … Read More

Hitchhikers’ Handbook – across Asia with a suitcase of gifts (interview)

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Ania and Jon, from hitchhikers handbook are setting off on a long travel across Asia. Hitchhiking with a cutural project and a suitcase of gifts.

DIY Travels – Ovenless pizza recipe (for camping stove!)

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After some research and a few days experimenting we ended up with quite a simple and tasty ovenless pizza recipe. It can be baked at home or in a camping stove.

The Tibetan town of Dege (and the currecy of Buddha)

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The Tibetan town of Dege is a treasure hidden in the mountains of Western Sichuan. Disobeying the laws of time, it hides at the end of the world, keeping only a faint connection of dirt paths with other cities in the area. … Read More

DIY Travels – Postcards from Neverland

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Camping in Pai (Thailand) we started to draw for hours under the tropical rain. And made up a little guide for you to draw your own postcards too.

Easy dandelion-beer recipe (for travelling foragers)

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A simple recipe to making dandelion beer while travelling or at home. Just one hundred flowers and some natural magic.

DIY Travels – How to make a travel diary

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Words. Trying to make sense of everything that is new. Of the million sensations that surround your travel. Of the ideas that come and go as if in every turn they were something new. Words to give shape to flying … Read More

Puer, more than tea in Yunnan (China)

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Sightly annoyed, tired, dirty and ultimately lonely we walk out of town. From the last underground station, the city extends further, and we cross empty neighbourhoods, bridges and roads. Blindly, guided only by hearing, we follow the noise of speeding … Read More

Travels with 3 Euros a day?

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In October 2013 we left home with a little cash and a long road ahead . Our aim was to reach India over land or sea. As conscious hitchhikers and travelling pirates, we had quite some experience with low-budget adventures and … Read More

Yushu, the place we would always leave tomorrow

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They say that Spanish always postpone action till tomorrow. “Mañana, mañana” (…) and we know well that tomorrow is a cunning concept in the wheel of time, that is always about to come but is never here yet.

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