The best camping stove for hitchhikers

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Food is all you need before you crush exhausted after a long day thumbing crooked roads, all you need when you wake up stiff under the unforgiving morning sun, it’s your comfort during long waiting hours, it’s what you carry … Read More

A village under Kanchenjunga (everyday life in Sikkim)

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Sailing out of the mist, the houses on the mountain slope of the other side of the valley twinkle like electric stars forming the constellations of a human universe. In the giant shadow of snow-clad Kanchenjunga many homes emit a … Read More

Hitchhiking with a cat (the practical side)

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How do you travel with a cat? How do you carry her? What does she eat? Does she like moving? Is it really possible to hitchhike with a cat? Many questions come up when people spot Burma on our shoulders … Read More

To rescue a kitten from the roadside (helpful tips)

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Burma did not have a name, nor a home and, most important of all, no mum to feed her and give her warmth. She was tiny, younger than two weeks old, her eyes barely just opened but still blind. Some … Read More

3 camping recipes with stinging nettles

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Nettles are bad weeds in our gardens but superb ingredients in our kitchens. Long time ago we read in some book of herbs that nature is wise in having made the nettles stingy, or animals and humans alike would have … Read More

To Magic Places (a book written by the roadside)

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To Magic Places is our first book of tales, of real, surreal and imaginary travel stories. It is our tribute to the uncertain nature of hitchhiking, our comittment to following random signs and taking wrong turns. As you probably may … Read More

The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya (India)

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Slowly chewing the bark of a cinnamon branch we walk down the main road of lower Sohra. Its sweet and warming taste feels like a sugar pill reflecting the pleasant sunshine and helping us suppress the anger brought about by … Read More

Looking for home in the wettest place on earth (Meghalaya)

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There are times in a travel when the only thought in one’s head is “I’m tired”. Times when the comfort of a pillow or a full day of sleep are of no help whatsoever. Because it’s another kind of tiredness … Read More

(Hitch) hiking to Jampui Hills (from Mizoram to Tripura)

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Silent and opaque the night spreads its black curtain over the scarcely populated mountains. Like a candle in a dark room, Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, illuminates the distant hills in a gleaming aura. It has taken us many hours … Read More

Beyond the hills, only hills (Mizoram)

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The bridge jingles metalically under the weight of the pick-up. Ahead, beyond the hills, lie only hills. А dryish stream run through too wide river banks, like a child dressed in her mother’s gown. We cross from Manipur to Mizoram, … Read More

Fears on the road (and our hitchhiking remedies)

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Some weeks ago somebody posted in a travellers group a simple question to hitchhikers: “What are you afraid of?” To our surprise most of the answers walked along the lines of “no fear”, “trust yourself and ride on” or “if you … Read More

Manipur, the road less travelled (or the beginning of our adventures in India)

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We had come a long way. 511 suns had witnessed the steps of our stubborn resolve to reach India by land. And we were finally there – at the imaginary destination of our personal caravan. We had reached it via … Read More

#VeoVeo: Some of our travel friends have tails

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Some of our travel friends have paws, whiskers or snouts. Some have pointy ears, some humps, some tails. They will never read these words. Or send us a letter or use a phone. They do not speak English, Hindi, Chinese … Read More

Hitchhiking with hijab (Iran)

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If anybody looks through some photos of this travel it will be automatically obvious to her that I love scarves. The one item that will never be missing from my backpack is a piece of fabric to be wrapped, hanged, … Read More

Top 10 Asia – things we would not miss.

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In three days time we will celebrate twenty months on the road, on a journey across Asia without a date of return (yet). And feeling overly empowered by the experience, we have decided to enrich the popular section of “top … Read More

How to cross Asia overland (Hitchhiking the longest way to India)

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It’s a common travellers dream to imagine a way to India overland, following the fading steps of ancient roads, of the Silk Route merchants, the hippy trail, or simply searching for the shortest route across Asia, willing to enjoy a … Read More

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