Over hills and valleys too (Wales)

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The way from the skirts of the mountain to the top of the peak is in fact surprisingly short. It takes just one step. The step that crosses the threshold of the front door. Why did we take so many … Read More

We used to walk on the clouds…

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..and one day, not knowing how or why, we fell into one. It was misty white and smelled of moist. We were in the Kingdom of Rain and lived there ever since, nesting, cooking, trying to keep our feet warm, … Read More

Travels to the end of the world (UK – Portugal)

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A journey to Cabo de Roca, and beyond. Persistent and numberless battalions of water drops diligently take over each centimeter of land. Competently navigated by the indifferent gray heavens, their silent military junta reigns supreme. We look through the window … Read More

Travels to the end of the world (Sofia – Nordkapp)

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There is a place where time flies so slow that the year is in fact just one day and night, and this place is not in a parallel universe, but here on the Earth. One only needs to go North … Read More

The first travel

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The first travel of these little creatures was to Plovdiv. Many were to follow. The roads took them to the mountains, small towns, forests and surprising landscapes hidden behind petrol stations. Many times they got exhauset, soaked, hungry and even … Read More

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