Printable cat mask (Have a cat day!)

Printable cat mask (set of two).

This mask has been hand-drawn by us, to celebrate the first birthday of our very special companion Burma, the travelling cat.

You can download it and use it anyway you want.

Print, cut, wear.

And have a cat day!


Product Description

We travel with a cat. Her name is Burma and it’s been a year since she started travelling with us.

From Myanmar to India and all the way back to Europe, she has already crossed 10 borders hitchhiking, by plane, by ferry, train, truck, car… She likes canned fish, woolen socks, watching out of windows (still of moving ones) and sleeping in your lap while driving for hours in the cabin of a truck. In case you are not yet convinced that she is amazing, we shall add that she loves to play fetch with paper balls.

When we found her she was a tiny kitten, less than two weeks, orphan and still blind. So we’ve been cat mothers, cat siblings, cat toys and prey and friends for days and nights. And to celebrate the happiness of having her with us, we want to wish her happy birthday with a cat mask (well, we can only guess her birthday is on 21st of January, but who cares!)

If you like Burma – the travelling cat, or love cats, or simply want to have a cat day… download your mask for free or send it to your friends.

  1. Download the file (for FREE)
  2. Print in thick paper
  3. cut contour, eyes, and holes
  4. add ribbon to tie
  5. wear

Have a cat dat


Burma_Cat Mask_photo






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