Boris, Marta and Burma are two humans and one cat.

They travel, walk and hitchhike. Little and resilient, their average speed is of a few km per hour, they feed on plants (well, one prefers fish) and sleep anything from 0 to 24 hours per day. Generally peaceful, they show a negligible level of aggression and so far have reported only two natural foes, namely gravitation and standstill. The three of them usually avoid crowded places and city lights and thrive in the raw nature comfortably sheltered by the open sky. Armoured only with two backpacks they find protection from the elements by checking their limited inventory, scanning the surrounding for a joker-rabbit and not least by their faith and determination. They dwell in every possible habitat, so keep your eyes open for them on the road, regardless where you are.

This team is made up of three human languages and a meowing one, and as you read through - if you do - you may notice our mother tongues sprouting here and there, as our minds put words to feelings and thoughts in some sort of language economy that searches for the best way to bring things accross.

First long trip together: Marta and Boris hitchhiking from Sofia to North Cape (Bulgaria - Norway). 

Longest journey: For two years they hitchhiked Asia from West to East. After 511 days on the road they found their overland way to India, then travelled the subcontinent for 9 months, and went back home in 20 days.

Current mission: home.




Boris first left home at the age of 17 to study History and Politics in the UK. He is equally interested in Medieval travellers and monsters and in current ones. His morning rituals include compulsive check of all conflict news around the world, as well as the weather forecast in the coldest places on earth. Before setting on this travel Boris worked as an English teacher and would like to teach history as well. But sometimes he dreams of becoming a mountain guide or simply managing a tiny garden and collecting mountain herbs and mushrooms (especially when his love for nature takes over his affection towards humans). He is also a sports lover and will forget anything whenever there is a football pitch or a table tennis. In the resting time you may find him reading fairytale books out loud or sneezing  uncontrollably while drying different herbs.

In this blog: he takes care of sitting all words in the right places following his personal and strict  protocol. He rarely touches a photo camera and is looking for the way to telepathically transmit his memories onto the screen.


Marta likes arts and loves crafts. Although she claims she has been travelling all her life, she actually left Spain for the first time in 2002 and has lived and moved around more countries than she can right now recall. She speaks Spanish, English and enough Bulgarian to make her way through, but she will talk to anybody no matter the tongue. After getting a Business degree and an MA in Cultural Studies, she moved on to doing Art History at her own slow pace. She mixes travels with often living for years in one single place (i.e Sofia) where you can find her working with creative people of all ages. Her sister and Boris agree that "project" is Marta's favourite word, and she has a hundred in mind. She hunts handmade treasures, artisans stories, and in her free time learns Bulgarian, doodles around and plays with scissors. 

In this blog: she tries to speak with images, shares some travel sketches, moves sections around, adds tags and writes stories from time to time (which ar subsequently "beautified" by Boris).


Born on the road, Burma knew from little that her place was not among drainage pipes but dusty paths. Her natural beauty and wild voice brought her out of the ghetto and into the road. From  the age of 12 days roams the world , on foot, by truck, in bag, box or on top of any backpacks she can find a comfy place to sit on. She is a natural born hunter that is terrified only  by dogs, so keep your eyes open in the dark, specially if you are a beetle or moth or if you are  wearing woolen socks.

In this blog: she lends her beauty to the camera, brings joy to the team and dreams that one  day she will finally not be kicked out of the keyboard so that she can write a post by herself.