Our favourites are hitchhikers, cyclists, walkers, those who travel for the joy of movement or to learn from experiencing the world we live in. Most of these blogs will not tell you what to see or where to go, but may give you hints on how to start a journey where you set the rules of what is to be seen and done.


In English

Hitchhiker’s Handbook. Ania and Jon are on their long way home, hitchhiking across Asia with a suitcase of gifts and a cultural project. In their blog they post updates from their journey, but also resources for budget travellers, free stuff from all around, and loads of hitchhiking tips and stories.

Journal of Nomads. Cynthia and Niko are right are now on the way, from Europe eastwards. We somehow like to re-walk our own steps by following theirs and their own story. Plus they take really beautiful photos.

Circumnavigation Scramble. Walker is a hobo, so he says, riding freight trains across the US since youth. Also a writer, and a teacher, who is ready to do anything to keep moving, and when we say anything we mean it. He has a simple blog, that one needs to scroll down through, but if you have the patience, don’t miss it out. Our craziest travel friend, without doubt.

The tourist. Nina hitchhikes the world. Female solo hitchhiker with great stories and the best advices for women that want to hit the road on their own.

Nomad Travellers. Davide and Otilia are an international couple with itchy feel and the will to explore in sustainable ways. They write about alternative travels, nature and their own adventures around the world.

World Wide Hitchhiker.Bogdan travels around hitchhiking and volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation, trying to beat the myth that only those who have money can travel.

Raw Safari. Emmanuel roams the world wince 2006. His blog is full of roadside stories and brilliant tips on hitchhiking, free food and urban camping.

Like Riding a Bicycle. Danie crosses borders with the same ease that she colours her hair, writes her thoughts. A female hitchhiker ready for whatever comes, who believes in smoker’s fairies and other roadside sort of magic.

Feathery Travels. Katie roams around with a backpack and her thumb. She claims not to be ideally suited to travelling (we doubt it though!), and writes to show that if she can travel this way, anyone else can too. With a love for what is pretty and green, she shares her art and eco findings along the way.

And some that are not active, but still relevant…

Open Destination. Alyssa is a girl on the road, that hitchhiked Africa and half of Asia before she settled for a while in Afghanishtan.She stopped writing a while ago, but her older posts are still more than relevant, specially for female hitchhikers and travellers.

Puneet, the colourful hitchhiker. Puneet used to have a blog about travels, and love and poetry and his own world, about travelling with an Indian passport and in the simplest way. The blog we cannot find anymore, but he has a facebook page.

In Spanish

Marcando el Polo. Dani y Jota son el blog de referencia para todo autoestopista y viajero por Asia. Sus consejos mochileros son lo mejor y sus posts nunca dejan de sacarte una carcajada. Se propusieron unir Asia a dedo, de Filipinas hasta Turquía y ya llevan más de dos años en ruta. Su ebook “Un Viaje Interior” es quizás la mejor medicina para animarte a empezar ese viaje que sueñas.

Los Viajes de Nena. Laura viaja a dedo, en tren o como sea; viaja y escribe de una forma tan cercana que a mitad de camino me enganché a su blog y es lo primero que abro cualquier día en que necesite compañía femenina. Estoy esperando el día en que tenga por fin dirección para encargar y leer su libro “Caminos Invisibles”, un viaje en autostop por todo Sudamérica con Juan, su amor viajero.

Acróbata del Camino. Juan, el amor de Laura, y quizás el autoestopista bloggero más veterano. Consejos para viajeros a dedo, guías y relatos. Cruzó Asia en 2005, con un viaje por Iraq, Irán y Afganistán que relata en su primer libro “Vagabundeando en el eje del mal”. Actualmente sigue de viaje junto a Laura.

Revolution on the Road. Elisa travels and writes about things that matter. (In Spanish and English)

In Bulgarian

Magic Kervan. Tsvetin and Magi are on their way from Bulgaria to Indonesia. Travel stories and loads of tips, including overland travels across Baluchistan. (In English and Bulgarian).

Teri Robin. Hitchhiking the world, one continent at a time (in English and Bulgarian).



In English

Down Hill From Here. Kieran and Natasha started pedaling east from England in May 2003 and…reached Bangkok. Brilliant stories, great sense of humour, and some tips for those who prefer two wheels over a thumb.

In Spanish

La Vida de Viaje. Cicloviajeros. Jime y Andrés viajan sobre ruedas y comparten historias, increíbles fotos y los mejores consejos para viajeros en bici.

Diarios de Bambucicleta. Viajes en una bici hecha e bambú!



In English & Spanish

Earth Wide Walk. Nacho walks the Earth. He literarilly does it!


All the ways to travel

In English

NoYoLo. “NO-YOLO looks to destabilize the notion that travel is simply a matter of being willfully displaced and instead bring into focus who and what is on the margins of this existence.” Something like seeing what´s behind or alongside the perfect travel photos that make you so jealous. Travel made a bit more real.

Happy Hobbos shares the stories of (really) independent travellers worldwide, with focus on simple adventures and money-less ideas.

NOMADS magazine is a young and growing collaborative project born from a popular facebook group. An online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget, moneyless and low-impact ways to sustainably live on the road.

In Spanish

Historias de Nuestro Planeta. Antonio dice ser un “antropólogo aficionado y curioso congénito”. Nunca falla, con elaborados relatos y reflexiones viajeras, nos transporta

Caminomundos. Magali nos convenció de que housesitting era una genial opción. Pero su blog es mucho más que consejos sobre viajar barato y cuidando casas de extraños (que también nos da), es expresión del viaje en palabras, sensaciones, amor y sueños hechos pasos y papel. Organiza las Dinámicas Creativas, juegos literarios en los que todos podemos participar. Y tiene un libro, y ofrece talleres de escritura… esta chica no para.

Viajando Por Ahí. Aniko hace que los viajes, los momentos bonitos y los oscuros también, puedan enmarcarse en una postal. Especialmente recomendado para chicas que quieren animarse a viajar por su cuenta.

Un Gran Viaje. Pablo e Itziar recorrieron “África de cabo a rabo”, escriben libros para viajeros, son los creadores de la Editorial Viajera y organizan las Jornadas de los Grandes Viajes…quizás los viajeros más emprendedores. Su blog contiene relatos, consejos, entrevistas y todo lo necesario para preparar un gran viaje.

Tailandia sin Playa. Marc se fue a dar la vuelta al mundo y acabó en Mae Sot, una ciudad de Tailandia cerca de la frontera con Birmania, donde fundó una ONG y desde donde escribe sobre la Tailandia que se esconde más allá de los chiringuitos y los cocktails en la costa.

Viajeros Reverdes. Un blog sobre viajes sencillos, vida saludable y veganismo en el camino. Con fotos que nos hacen viajar desde la pantalla.

Inteligencia Viajera. El blog de Antonio G.es un trampolín de motivación viajera. Entrevistas a viajeros de toda índole, consejos para que te lo montes tan bien como ellos, y una dosis de inspiración mensual, cuando nos cuenta qué tal le va trabajando online. Además crea contenidos, vende cursos y te convencerá de que tus ideas, con esfuerzo, te llevarán de viaje, lejos.

Vida de Viajera. Hace pocos días conocí a Eli y me he enganchado a su blog, porque me encanta el modo en que anima a otras chicas a hacer lo que les guste y moverse con seguridad y paso firme por el mundo. ¡Cuánto me habría gustado encontrar un blog asi cuando todo eran dudas y experimentos!


Urban travellers

Urban Methexis. Ioana explores the city, its architecture and its empty spaces, abandonement, silent history and stories.

Zagreb honestly. Andrea takes for walks all around Zagreb and Croatian stuff.

Angloitalian.  Dale and Franca travel the world, not just the city, at their own pace. But it’s their tips to slow (and mostly free) urban travels that we check the most. For vegan travellers, a site of reference!

Vigopedia. Eduardo runs the blog that every city would like to have (Marta gets to know Vigo, her birth place, thanks to this site)

Sofia Monsters. Let the creatures take you for a walk around our favourite city.


Creative travellers

Homeland is a beautiful travelling video project by Gwendolin and Patrik from Weit Um Die Welt. Peep into the beauty of everyday life…

Vamos Dibujando el Camino. Marcelilla Pilla y Leandro Baud dibujan su gran paseo por el mundo.

Nomadarte travel from Mexico to Patagonia, organising photography workshops. There is not a single picture in their facebook posts that has not made us click “like” straight away.

Pequeños Grandes Mundos / Little Big Worlds. Ivanke is an illustrator on tour with the mission to make art with kids all over the world.

Postcards from Colorado. Because there is always the beauty of a postcard…

Other things we like…

Doodlers Anonymous. For anyone addicted to doodling along the way, the daily site of reference.

And check more resources for travellers in this other list of links.

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