These are some of the travel resources that have somehow helped us along the way. The sites we check for info, where to find out about visas, hitchhiking tricks and tips, where to sleep or how to forage… we have tried to gather all the sites that have made our way smoother, maybe even possible sometimes. We will be updating this section as we come across new projects.

travel resources-online


Hitchwiki. The home of all hitchhikers, a collaborative wiki project where we can all contribute country essentials, border crossing, tips and tricks to make hitchhiking safe and happy for us and those who pick us up.

The Academy of Free Travel shares information about hitchhiking, visas, finding shelter and food in the countries visited by its members. Most of the materials are in Russian, but if you can read them, totally worth it

Anton Krotov defines a “free traveller” as someone who spends half or more of his or her travelling time in the company of people who are NOT employed to be his or her company. He is the founder of the Academy of Free Travels, and author of many writes books about that, most of which are in Russian only, but we are lucky to have his practical guide available.

Hitchhiking tips by hitchhikers for hitchhikers: advice from the community to start with, also good hitchhiking tips by Danielle from Like Riding a Bicycle, a whole section by Hitchhikers Handbook, in Spanish and very complete by Juan –  the Acrobat of the Road, for the US by Nomadic Matt and especially for women hitchikers by Nina “The Tourist” and more for female hitchhikers by Ana Bakran (because women should listen to women in such matters). If you have more good tips, do leave a comment below for the benefit of all.

Hitchhiking records (?). Curiosities.

Hitchhiking a ship?

Find a Crew. We met a guy who had gone all around the world working in sail boats.

Marine Traffic. Hitchhiking a cargo ship seems to us right now next to impossible, but we can’t help curiousing their movements across seas.

Visas, borders and other practicalities

We don’t cross from country to country “just like that, without permission”, at least not yet…

Visa HQ. General visa information, links and consular addresses, etc. (although specific embassy conditions and country differences will need to be checked somehwere else before applying…see the two resources just below)

Caravanistan. Everything about Central Asia, latest visa updates, country profiles, travel information. We wish there were such pages for all regions in the world.

LP Thorn Tree. We rarely used the guides any longer, but fellow travellers advices on this Lonely Planet forum have made our way easy more than once (or twice…)

The Land of Snows. The best page we have ever seen about travels to Tibet (and that is not just the Autonomous Region!)


Open Street Maps. Free app that makes us wish to have a phone from time to time…

PCL Map CollectionThousands of maps of all sorts.

UseIt. Beautiful maps of European cities.

Travel info

WikitravelFree travel guide to everywhere, not always the most up to date of all, but great for general info. The best part of all, is that we can all contribute.

Our favourite travel blogs. Check them for inspiration. They may remind you that sometimes you don’t need to know what to do everywhere you go… just go.

Sleeping on floors

Hospex networks flourish like spring mushrooms

Trust Roots. The youngest hospitality network. Built by hitchhikers for hitchhikers and other simple travellers.

Couchsurfing. The most famous of all hospitality networks, with thousands of members in all countries.

Be Welcome. One more alternative, to find a couch and a friend on the road (we have a profile, but have never been lucky there yet)

Hospitality Club. The old sister of all the hospex sites. Oldschool interface, outdated profiles, but still it has saved us more than once. And Marta was hosted for a first time before she even knew what all this was (back in 2003), so holds a special memory of this page.

And about other sort of places where one may crush for a night (or more)

Sleeping in Airports. Adventures and misadventures of travellers who got caught around airports, with reviews and guides.


Helpx. A platform to connect organisations with willing volunteers (It has a yearly fee, but valid for all countries).

Workaway. Another platform for “free work” exchange. We have never used it, but heard from other travellers that it works well (It has a yearly fee, but valid for all countries).

Woofing. Opportunities to stay, volunteer and learn organic farming. (It has a yearly fee, valid for each individual country)

Mind My House. Housesitting and pet sitting opportunities. It is the site we used and although it has less listings than others, its fee is cheaper.

Trusted Housesitters. More housesitting and petsitting opportunities. Often recommended by travellers, although we have not used it yet.

EU youth program. For young people of the EU and neighbouring countries (up to 30), short and long term volunteering opportunites. There are organisations all over Europe and beyond. Marta use to participate in and organise tones of such projects, so always recommends them.

Work (for digital nomads and other roving species)

(section to be updated)

Online Language Teaching. A brilliant guide by Journal of Nomads, who have plenty of experience funding their travels this way.

Upwork. The platform we use.


Free food on the way

Edible Wild Food. Advices and recipes on the edible weeds and flowers that are a traveller´s gifts.

FoodIsFree Project. A facebook page to remind us that food is free and widely available.

Trashwiki. For dumpster diving adepts.

Falling Fruit. A growing map of locations for urban foragers.

Travelling with animals

Pet Travels. All about your furry companion’s passport and regulations for each country. You can also find other specific links to pet passport issues in this post we wrote about it.

8 Tips for camping with pets. In case you are wondering how to handle a trip to the outdoors. The article focusses on dogs and horses but the advices are useful for any other pets as well.

Pet-Friendly Travel GuideA useful resource with helpful information and tips for going on a holiday with pets (sort of check-list info about flying, travel documents, pet insurances – just in case and a bit on how to safely leave your pet at home).

Viajeros a cuatro patas (mostly in Spanish). A facebook group for those who travel with their four legged friends. To remind us that travelling with pets is more than possible.